Joomla: The Award Winning CMS Offers Best Credentials for Web and App Development

Joomla is regarded as the best open source platform on which websites and applications are created. It is an award winning Content Management System-CMS that helps in building powerful online applications and websites. Creating and managing dynamic websites is easier with Joomla.

Joomla does have a perceptive management interface that controls the features and functionality. Alike the other CMS Joomla removes the technical aspects of setting up and running the website.

There are more than hundreds of free extensions written for Joomla which allows the users in extending the functionality and customize the website as per their own objectives and requirements.

Create Dynamic Designs for Websites and Applications with Joomla

Offering great design with functional development features for applications, Joomla is rich with MVC-Model View Controller web application architecture. Joomla offers guaranteed high results for website and application development.

Joomla also stores data in MySQL, MS SQL or PostgreSQL database. Joomla includes features like page caching; RSS feeds search and printable versions of the pages, blogs, news flashes, polls and language support.

Joomla CMS Is Widely Popular and Best For Secured Logins

Joomla’s easy to use and extensibility factor have increased its popularity. Joomla powers millions of websites around the world. Wherever secured login is imperative, Joomla CMS is the first choice.

Corporate sites, government applications, news or blogs, small businesses are few of the sectors that are a part of the Joomla development ecosystem. Joomla is built using the widely popular web technologies like PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Joomla also supports many other popular databases and web servers.


  • Full-fledged media management system
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Portals with community features
  • Online reservation and booking systems
  • Classified solutions
  • Event calendar and RSVP kind of systems
  • Business directories
  • Educational and government websites
  • Portfolio systems


  • It provides plug-ins and site modules
  • Hundreds of available extensions
  • Responsive templates adapt websites for varying platforms
  • Restrictions on-site user file access
  • Different language supportive with different sites
  • Joomla supports polls, search and web link management, and analysis

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