MEAN Stack

MEAN- The Faster Way to Build Websites and Web Applications

MEAN is the free and open source JavaScript software bundle that is widely used for building dynamic websites and the web applications. Being a full-stack JavaScript and user-friendly solution, it helps in building fast, robust and maintainable web application production. This MEAN stack is a collection of JavaScript based technologies.

MEAN is derived from Mongo.DB, Express.JS, Angular.JS and Node.JS. MEAN is designed for supplying developers with the quick and organized method of MEAN-based applications. These applications have useful modules like Mongoose and Passport, pre-bundled and configured.

MEAN Stack and Its Modules

MEAN stack is more challenging than LAMP stack and is completely powered by JavaScript. MEAN is considered as a money-saver and time-saver for the clients as well as the developers. The configured modules offer high flexibility in developing web applications.

  1. Mongo.DB is the NoSQL database system. This saves data in binary JSON format that makes it easier for passing of data between client and server.
  2. Express.JS is the lightweight framework that is used for building web applications in Node. This provides numbers of features for building single and multipage web applications.
  3. Angular.JS is the JavaScript framework that is developed by Google. Providing few magnificent features like the two-way data binding, Angular.JS is referred as the complete solution for rapid and awesome front end development.
  4. Node.JS is the server-side JavaScript execution platform. This is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime. This helps in developing highly scalable and concurrent applications in a faster way.

All of these components of MEAN stack are supportive for writing programs in JavaScript.

Advantages of MEAN Stack

  • The MEAN applications are written in one language in server-side as well as client-side.
  • MEAN is highly helpful in avoiding useless errors in work maintaining well-organized applications.
  • It is widely popular for helping to create and maintain simple and readable open-source solution.
  • It supports MVC pattern.
  • Being an open source, it can be used to tweak the preferences.

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