My Sql

MySQL- The Leading Open Source Database for Web-Based Applications

MySQL Database is a popular open source relational database management system. MySQL is based on Structured Query Language-SQL. For its proven performance, easy to use and reliability features, it has become the leading Database for the web-based applications and is widely used by high profile websites that include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo and much more.

Though MySQL can be used with wide range of applications, it often is associated with web-based applications and online publishing. MySQL is an important component of the open source enterprise stack called LAMP.

Small and Big Businesses Widely Admire the Effectiveness of MySQL

Being fast and easy to use, MySQL is used by small and big businesses. MySQL is released under an open-source license so it is freely available. It is a powerful program and handles large subset of functionality of the most expensive as well as powerful database packages.

MySQL works quickly on many operating systems and with numbers of languages like PHP, C, C++, PERL, JAVA, etc. with large data sets. MySQL is friendly with PHP and is appreciated for web development. MySQL brilliantly supports large databases. Being customizable, MySQL allows the programmers to modify MySQL in order to fit as per their specific requirements.

MySQL is Widely Used For

  • High scalability and flexibility that handles embedded applications.
  • High performance, MySQL meets the demanding performance requirements of any system.
  • High availability guarantees the customers rock-solid reliability.
  • Robust transactional support of MySQL features complete ACID transaction support, distributed transaction capability, unlimited row-level locking and multi-version transaction support.
  • Web and data warehouse strengths scales up to terabyte range of either the single server to scale-out architecture because of MySQL’s high-performance query engine with faster data insert capability.
  • Strong data protection ensures absolute data protection
  • Comprehensive application development supports the stored procedures, functions, triggers, views, cursors, ANSI-standard SQL and more.

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