Symfony 3

Symfony- The Best Regarded PHP and Open Source Framework for Website Development

Symfony is an open-source framework that is used for developing web applications and websites. This is the leading PHP framework for MVC applications. It is easy to speed up the creation and maintenance of the web applications. Symfony is also effectively helpful in replacing repetitive coding tasks.

For building robust applications for the enterprise context, Symfony delivers full control option over the configuration. The directory structure, foreign libraries, and many other things can be customized. There are additional tools that help the developers for matching the enterprise guidelines of testing, debugging and documenting the projects.

Why Is Symfony Considered To Be An Effective Framework?

  • Symfony is having a vibrant and growing community there are unique advantages of Symfony framework and PHP.
  • PHP is indeed the largest development language that offers the largest pool of skill levels to the developers for working on the projects. Alike PHP, Symfony is the open source that doesn’t either rise or fall with the vendor backing the projects.
  • Symfony being a full-stack web framework, as per the varying requirements of any project, either of the Symfony components can be used selectively or full-stack framework can be used.
  • Symfony is a set of decoupled and reusable components on which best PHP applications are built.
  • Symfony has everything that can be expected from the framework like speed, flexibility, reusable components, etc.
  • Symfony has a developed sense of curiosity that goes higher than PHP.
  • Symfony offers many resources like plentiful documentation, community support, professional support and many others.

Advantages of Symfony

Symfony was originally envisioned by interactive agency SensioLabs for the development of websites. Symfony is organized as a set of reusable components and bundles that together makes full stack framework with lots of features. It doesn’t have any databases or NoSQL backend, but there are several high-quality Symfony bundles with unique functionality.

Numerous of websites and applications rely on Symfony framework as well as its components for the foundation of its web services. The leading PHP projects like Drupal, phpBB, eZ publish use the components of Symfony for building applications.

Why SOLUTION EMPIRE for Symfony Applications?

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