Zend Framework

Zend Framework- The Excellent Framework with Collective Components

Zend is an open source framework with a collection of professional PHP packages. It is widely used for developing web applications and services. It is an object-oriented framework that is implemented in PHP5.

Zend framework provides advanced Model-View-Controller implementation which is highly helpful in establishing the basic structure of the Zend Framework applications.

Starting a New Project with Zend Framework Is Beneficial

Zend framework uses composer as the package dependency manager, the PHP unit for testing the packages, Travis CI for continuous integration service. This framework also follows PHP-FIG standards and also includes the implementation of PSR-7 for the HTTP messages. Zend framework is widely beneficial for starting a new project and even for improving an existing one.

Advantages of Zend Framework

  • As Zend Framework is fully object-oriented it utilizes a lot of object-oriented concepts; this allows the developers for implying their special variations of the individual components without hacking the ZF codebase. Zend Framework has the ability to customize the project.
  • The ability to make the code reusable is the major advantage of Zend framework.
  • Zend Framework is a collection of classes in which Zend MVC components are used for the creation of fully functional ZF project. With Zend framework, the components can be selected from the individual library instead of using the whole framework.
  • Having a lot of components, Zend framework facilitates to authenticate the user, control the resource access, creating forums, read RSS feeds, etc.
  • Zend framework having no model implementation means the developer is free to use any idea and to imply it or integrate the existing implementations. The models created with Zend framework include the business logic as per specifications.
  • Zend framework decoupled nature makes it easier to integrate libraries which are intended to be used.

Zend framework being such advantageous is highly helpful for the developers as well the client end.

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